Wild View Retreat 2021 Bird Box Project

Wild View Retreat has been chosen as one of the new locations for the Portuguese ‘Local Accommodations for Birds’ Project in the Algarve.

Funded by the National Participative Budget the design and implementation will be carried out by our friends at the Associação Vita Nativa and the Instituto de Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas.

2000 nest boxes are being installed across the Algarve and 7 of these at Wild ViewRetreat for small species such as Tits and Hoopoes and for small and medium birds of prey, such as the Little owl, the Barn owl and the Common kestrel. 

The key aims of the project are to:

  • Increase bird population abundance of the Algarve
  • Educate Algarve residents of the benefits the birds bring to the ecosystem, and to society and their welfare.


Unfortunately the natural cavities in nature that these birds depend have rapidly decreased, due to loss of large and old trees, strong urban pressure, and also by the change in land use and fires, which cause a drastic change in habitats. With the installation of the nest boxes the project aims to stimulate interest and provide a more direct contact of society in relation with birds. In addition, by providing extra breeding sites we will also promote the settlement of a greater number and diversity of birds in urban and peri-urban settings, like gardens and other green public areas. These species play a key role in balancing ecosystems, as the target species of this project are known to be excellent friends in controlling biological pests, such as the pine caterpillar and rodent species.

We look forward to providing a new home for our flying friends and look forward to seeing the new inhabitants very soon!