Health Questionnaire and Liability Waiver Form

You must disclose all relevant information and provide any intolerances or dietary requests on the health form and return it once you book or no later than 4 weeks before the retreat date. If you or your other guests fail to do so we reserve the right to cancel the place and issue a refund. This is so we have all the necessary information in advance to assess if the retreat is appropriate for you. We will not be able to cater for any dietary requirements if you do not disclose all information on the health form in advance. We reserve the right to review the health form and cancel and refund the booking if we find the retreat is not appropriate for you. Please note on food weeks we cannot cater for those who require separate meals to be made. Please contact us if you need more information. Thank you for understanding. 


  • Personal

  • Please enter a value between 18 and 75.
    Please tell us your age
  • Please tell us your height. For example, 184cm or 5ft 4inches.
  • Please tell us your weight. For example, 65kg or 10.2 stone.
  • Health

    Please answer the questions below with as much detail as possible. If you answer YES to any of the questions, please provide further details, where applicable.
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