Launching Our 2023 Corporate Wellness Retreats

Click on You Tube Video Below to View the Promo Video.

We are honoured and delighted to now offer Wild View Retreat as an exclusive venue for private hire. Whether it be a corporate company event, team ‘workations’, yoga retreats or simply family holidays, we are now ready to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. 

Thank you to the Blue Bricks Consultancy from the Netherlands for trusting us and taking over the retreat for 5 weeks between March and April 2023.  The following you tube video shows a ‘day in the life’ of their time with us and truly shows the power of investing in the wellbeing, happiness, enjoyment and productivity of  staff.


Back in October 2022 we were contacted by their Marketing and Human Resources team to enquire about renting the entire retreat exclusively for 5 weeks, with a different department of employees coming to enjoy the facilities each week.

The only pre-requisites were at least 100+mbps download and upload speed, office desks and chairs in the studio and an outdoor dining and living area. Cue Andrew, Bruno and Nuno to go into overdrive to fulfil their requirements! A few months later we had installed Starlink Internet and replicators across the entire retreat with 300mbps download speed, hugely boosting the internet capabilities for working and streaming. In addition we commissioned Luis our local woodwork carpenter to build tables and benches to make a beautiful outdoor dining area and erected office desks and chairs transforming the yoga studio into the most amazing open plan office you’ve ever seen – probably best office view in the World (of course)!

Wild View Retreat is now set up to fully cater for company ‘workations’, team building, strategy and wellbeing retreats. For any one interested in taking over Wild View Retreat exclusively either for their company events, yoga retreats, wellbeing events or family holidays please contact Jessica on this email.