Juice Fasting with Nutrition Talks, Yoga, Fitness and Guided Walks

Periods of fasting have been used by the wellness community and longevity experts for many, many years. However, fasting is not new to human society and has been practised by all the major religions for thousands of years. So what’s all the fuss?

Fasting is a tool to detox the body for a set period of time only. It’s a fantastic way to reboot the bodily systems that control our attitude to food, kick starting a new healthy regime after the fast. Fasting is not something to be done long term as the macro nutrients (fats and protein) that we purposely restrict on the fast, are critical to our health and dietary needs. During the retreat our qualified Nutritional Therapist provides daily wellness talks to educate guests on nutrition and the difference between fasting and balanced dietary living and we break the fast on the last day with a nutritious healthy meal to aid safe transition. 

What you consume during the fast, is completely the opposite to what you should do when you get home. The objective is for all guests to enter into calorie deficit in order to initiate the detox process. We do this by removing fats and protein, providing light carbohydrate in the form of juices and soups (about 1200 calories a day) to provide sufficient sustenance to participate in the various activities during the week. The average human burns about 1500 calories a day just from being. So if we add in the yoga and fitness classes along with the guided walks, guests all enter in calorie deficit by the end of the first day. If guests prefer to rest all week and not participate in activity, entering calorie deficit and the detox takes a little longer.

Once in calorie deficit, the body goes into its natural ‘survival mode’ as it is ‘starved’ of its typical form of energy (glucose). This is when the magic happens:


  • Minimal digestions of food results in more cellular energy available = increased repair and maintenance of cells and organs (that would typically be required to break down food 24/7)


  • Body burns fat (ketones) when in calorie deficit = toxins stored in fat are processed by the liver and eliminated.


  • Abundance of micronutrients and antioxidants in the juices flood the body supercharging healing and repair of cellular tissue and organs.


Other benefits include: reduced cholesterol, reduced inflammation, improved energy, clear skin, improved digestion, improved mood and cognitive function.

Note, guests rarely report feeling physically hungry during the fast. This is because guests are busy, distracted with regular and frequent activity and juice servings. With no fridge to open or local shop nearby and everyone collectively in the same boat, emotional triggers soon dissipate and guests sail through the week devoid of physical hunger. Don’t take our word for it, read the 100s of reviews of other guests. Its is a mild and easy fast to participate in for first timers, you will be amazed how great you feel and how easy you found it. At the end of the retreat guests feel incredible. As such so many of our guests return to Wild View Retreat once a year for an annual reboot and detox. If you have any questions please contact us.

Please note it’s important to do some light preparation in the weeks leading up to the retreats. Please read our How to Prepare and Guest Information pages. 

We regret we do not allow guests on a fasting week who have BMIs under 18 or have a history of eating disorders. Age range is 18-75. All medical history must be declared on the health form and submitted no later than 4 weeks before.  

  • What's Included

    • 7 nights accommodation
    • Three delicious juices/smoothies a day
    • One homemade nutritious soup in the evening
    • Two yoga classes and fitness classes a day
    • Guided walks
    • Schedule of nutrition talks and demonstrations
    • Pool and sauna relaxation time

  • Whats Not Included

    • Flights to Faro airport not included
    • Return transfers can be added to booking for €70 each. Please check our airport transfer page before booking flights
    • Massages not included but can be pre-booked via email for €70 (Euros cash only) see our Guest Information page for more info – we highly recommend you email us to pre-book to avoid disappointment as they book up fast.

Nutrition at Wild View Retreat Corgas Bravas
Fitness at Wild View Retreat Corgas Bravas
Relaxation at Wild View Retreat Corgas Bravas

Typical Day

0730Sunrise Yoga
0845Olive Grove Walk
1000Juice and Nutrition Talk: Macro and Micronutrients
1145Fitness and Movement Class
1300Pool, Relax, Rest, Sleep
1645Fitness or walk
1830Log cabin sauna / Pool Splash
2000Star gazing, free time, meditation or documentary

Contact us for more details or book now

Overview of Key Terms and Conditions

  • Flights to Faro Airport are not included
  • Return transfers can be booked for €70 return via this link (guests must arrive at Faro Airport within transfer times, see full Terms and Conditions)
  • Guests to arrive at Wild View no earlier than 5pm on day of retreat
  • Guests to leave Wild View no later than 10.30am on final day of retreat
  • Alcohol or drugs strictly prohibited
  • Smoking strictly prohibited around retreat but safe area provided outside of retreat if needed
  • Strictly no flames or candles allowed
  • No children under 18
  • No adults over 75
  • Guests must review the programme and declare they are fit to participate via the health form
  • No electronic devices allowed in communal areas (pool area, Manor House etc.), WiFi available in designated areas
  • The health form and liability waiver must be completed no later than 4 weeks before the start of the retreat
  • All massages must be pre-booked in advance to guarantee appointments and cost €70 in cash payable on site. Please read the Guest and Retreat Information page for full retreat details. 
  • 40% non-refundable deposit required to secure booking with the 60% balance due 4 weeks before retreat start date
  • The 40% non-refundable deposit can be ‘banked’ for use on any other Wild View Retreat up to 12 months if cancelled prior to 90 days of the start of the retreat. 
  • For all cancellation and refund policy information please see our full Terms and Conditions