Outdoor Decks

In December two great friends Ryan and Dave came out to help construct a large deck to provide space for outdoor activity and to build yurts. My close friend Ryan has lived in his very own hand made yurt in Dorset for 4 years and was the perfect person to advise and help plan the side project. Dave has been building everything and anything all his life and worked harder and faster than anyone we ever knew. First a beautifully secluded space was cleared that offers wonderful views to the southwest as well as privacy sheltered by the surrounding land and vegetation. First the land was cleared and levelled with a large digger at the same time as timber ordered from the local merchant. Ryan and Dave flew in to get to work and within a week the timber frame had been cut and laid down on old recycled blocks of concrete foundations. A few days later the treated decking boards were in place alongside the 14 foot diameter octagon shaped sub frame floor for the yurt. We had previously gone on a road trip through England to visit various yurt makers across the land and decided to make an order with Henry and Mary of www.yurtmaker.com We really liked the husband and wife couple and their amazing yurts hand built from scratch in their own family run workshop near Ironbridge. Pleased with the first phase completion of the decking, we packed the tools away ready for the winter to pass and the delivery of the new yurt in the Spring 2018.