New Traditional Roofs

Renovation work got underway immediately after the sale. We wanted to restore and renovate all the buildings but sadly the only two that could be saved were the Manor House and private cottage. But these could be worked on whilst we waited for the main construction license to come through. The first urgent task was to avoid prevent the imminent collapse of the buildings by replacing the traditional roofs. We had to make them water tight before any potential bad weather that winter. It turns out the old roofs were previously insulated with a layer of concrete, the weight of which causing the supporting walls to buckle and near collapse. The concrete and entire roof was removed and replaced with a brand new traditional roof. The roof was comprised with layers of thermal insulation to keep the buildings cool in the summer and warm in winter, supporting traditional eucalyptus beams, original terracotta tiles recycled and replaced on top with rolls of bamboo lining the ceiling inside. They look amazing and have been essential and very worthwhile investment.