New Land Terraces

After years of working as an environmental consultant overseeing construction projects, we were determined to complete the renovation of Wild View Retreat adhering to a Zero Waste Policy. We planned to create new land terraces by reusing all the inert material (bricks, tiles, concrete blocks, reinforced steel rebar etc.) and so preventing any of it going to land fill. In the Summer 2016 all these materials had been placed to the west of the entrance with the aim of creating large new platforms. It turns out the new land was initially pretty unsightly and unstable. It required considerable reworking and sculpting by a highly skilled JCB digger operator Denis in time for the spring rains which would help compact the land. Denis worked all hours of the day flattening, burying, digging and levelling the new terraces for nearly two weeks. We hadn’t realised how big a job it was but safety of the guests and protection of the beautiful visual and landscape amenity are essential priorities. So every single rock and boulder was broken into small pieces by the drilling machine to make finer material and compacted down to make level land. After this a layer of fresh topsoil was laid over the top and wild seed scattered in abundance to encourage the growth of native wild flowers and plants.