Infinity pool in the making

The old pool was handmade nearly 30 years ago and it needed a serious upgrade! Given the pristine natural setting of the pool and 360 degree wild views we weren’t that keen to have a standard Algarve pool lined with blue tiles. We opted for an infinity pool with sandy beach effect with an outline to match the mountain horizon. We will put large rocks around the side of the pool areas and a small waterfall feature flowing in on the side. Water will flow over the pool to the north-west as if the water is flowing down out between the valley sides. Last month they started demolition of the old pool and the red brick lining followed the week after. For a few moments we had to double check that wasn’t the main lining of the pool! Thankfully not! 15cm of thick concrete was then sprayed and projected onto the pool lining that took all day and well into the night. The pump and filter house has now been built and the white sandy beach finishing effect is imminent.