Nutrition Soundbites No. 1 – Carbohydrates for Energy, Gut Health and Immune Function

  • Nutrients are ESSENTIAL for life and growth
  • Deficiency results in sub-optimal wellbeing, illness then death
  • The 3 main macronutrients are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats
  • Primary function of carbohydrates is Energy Production
  • Glucose is digested and absorbed into the blood and cell to enable cellular energy production
  • Simple carbohydrates have single chains of sugars called Monosaccharides
  • Complex carbohydrates have multiple chains of sugars called Polysaccharides
  • Simple carbs are broken down quickly and spike blood sugar levels leading to sugar cravings and energy dipslevels making us reaching out for processed food and weight gain and susceptibility to diabetes II.
  • Complex carbs are broken down more slowly with a phased release of energy, resulting in blood sugar maintenance and healthy systems and weight control
  • Simple carbs tend to be processed and manufactured with minimal micronutrientse white flour, white rice, jams, biscuits, cakes
  • Complex carbs tend to be whole micronutrient dense natural foods like fruits and vegetables
  • Complex carbs are critically important to provide us with indigestible fibre essential for gut health
  • Fibre increases the elimination time of food in the gut preventing recirculation of toxins
  • Fibre provides that essential prebiotic substrate on which your gut bacteria need to feed on for a diverse microbiome
  • Healthy gut diversity = healthy immune system = reduced impact of toxins and diseases
  • A daily smoothie is the easiest way to make daily consumption of fibre routine.

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