A Nutritional Therapist’s Smoothie – Everyday Daily Healthcare Hack

If I could recommend one simple healthcare hack to implement in someone’s life it would be a daily consistent Nutritional Therapist’s smoothie, every day of the week, every week of the year, for the rest of your life.
When I think of a smoothie my objectives are:
– Healthy Fat – brain and heart function and transporting fat-soluble vitamins ADEK into the blood stream
– Protein – critical for muscle and tissue growth, production of hormones, enzymes and involved in every cell function of the body
– Fibre – indigestible carbohydrates that is critical for gut bacteria and detoxification of the bowel
Micronutrients – Vitamins and minerals are co-factors in every cell function in the body, without them you can’t perform optimally, get sick and subject to chronic disease.
Green Cruciferous Vegetables – contain molecules like indole-3-carbonyl that reduce cancer risk.
I also like to put medicinal mushrooms in mine but you can put whatever else you like in yours.
At no point am I thinking about taste (although it’s got to be palatable to ensure you want to make it again tomorrow) but the aim is the preventive medical nutrition that goes into it.
The key is consistency – daily routine – if you do it every day I guarantee you the following benefits:
1. Improved satiety and therefore less hunger and cravings for processed food
2. Improved digestion and constipation removal
3. Improved gut health
4. Improved heart and brain function
5. Improved immune function and more resistant to viral and bacterial infections.
It’s basically a simple hack to get more fibre, fat, protein and micronutrients into your body every day and long term it will add years to your life.
On all our retreats we have a UK registered Nutritional Therapist giving talks and advice every day. They can also work with you afterwards when you go home should you want extra support.
But for now get that smoothie down you and make sure it’s loaded with fat and protein and not bananas and maple syrup!