Our guest feedback is so important to us, and so is our 100% 5* rating

In this blog we share with you some of the wonderful reviews we have received since the launch of Wild View Retreat 

“A wonderful retreat in a stunning location close to Faro!
Spent an amazing week full of yoga, fitness and delicious juices/soups at the awesome Wild View Retreat. The days are packed with activities, such as two daily yoga and fitness classes with top instructors, guided walks with Andrew around the hills and nutritional talks. In the afternoon you have time to relax at the pool or in the hammocks, and evenings are cozy watching documentaries or having guided meditations. You can do as much or as little in those activities as you wish and feel. The place and accommodation/interior is very tastefully designed, so much attention given to details to make you feel comfortable. Everything is spotless clean all the time thanks to the wonderful staff. Also, a lot of work has been done to make this retreat environmentally sustainable.
Andrew and Erika created a gorgeous space for people coming together and having a good time and experience to share with each other.
Don’t hesitate to go there, you won’t regret it. I had a wonderful time and hope to return back soon!”

“I have just had the most AMAZING week at Wild View Retreat. Walks were great, Yoga was fantastic, loved the nutritional talks everyday, juice and soups delicious, met wonderful people and I have come home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend Wild View Retreat and can’t wait to return”

“I am just coming to the end of one of the most amazing weeks of my life, only beaten by my wedding and birth of my kids. It has been an incredible, life changing time. I have spent time with super cool people, been excersized by the amazing Ali and been yogared by the incredible Alice. I have had my love of excersize reignited and been given huge support and motivation to continue this at home.
The Juices and soup have been tasty and not once have I felt hungry – which was a real surprise.

I think the thing that stands this retreat apart from any other is the support and genuine care that have been given by Andrew, Erika and Mandy has been outstanding. The knowledge I have learnt, not just about nutrition and wellbeing but how to apply this knowledge once home, in my busy working/family life (with small kids) has made this whole experience beyond anything I ever expected.

I cannot thank you all enough, I will most definitely be back soon with more friends and family – you are all amazing . Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

“Having spent a week at wild view retreat near Faro in Portugal , I just wanted to say how highly I recommend it! I went on the juice week and every juice was delicious , followed by a lovely soup in the evening. Andrew who runs the retreat gave amazing talks on nutrition and I have come away having learnt how to eat well and healthy. The yoga and keep fit were great and the massage therapists were Excellant. Can’t wait to go back!”

“UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL RETREAT! Gorgeous and comfy accommodation, delicious and nutritious juices/soups, fabulous yoga and fitness classes, exquisite infinity pool and surrounding nature. But the BEST part is coming home and having someone stop you on the street saying you look ten years younger and ten pounds lighter. I cannot recommend this retreat enough. Give your body, mind and soul a true rest and you will come home stronger, happier, calmer. Oh, my skin is finally spot-free for the first time in my life! I didn’t think I could do a week without solid food and with so much exercise but I did and actually enjoyed it! If you’re on your own – you will love meeting like-minded people. Thank you Andrew, Erika and the entire staff at Wild View. An unforgettable experience I can’t wait to repeat!”

“Just finished a great retreat at this mesmerizing place. Andrew, Erica, Mandy and the rest of the staff made this experience far more positive that expected. If you want to clear your head and come out relaxed and ready to live a better life… this is the place to be. Thanks for an unforgettable week.”