Online Event: Nutrition for Optimal Gut Health, Vale de Lobo, Algarve

Online workshop by Andrew Finlay


The health of our digestive systems is critical for our wellbeing. Our digestive system or more simply our ‘guts’ are like the engine of a Ferrari, if it’s not firing on all cylinders the rest of our body does not function, leading to ill health and disease. The gut is where food is broken down and nutrients absorbed into the blood to reach our vital organs of our body. It’s also the body’s main process for detoxification.

If you are interested in your own self health care and or perhaps have issues related to your digestive system this is the talk for you. 

After this talk by registered Nutritional Therapist Andrew Finlay owner of Wild View Retreat in the Algarve, you will understand why the gut is so crucial to our wellbeing and how best to keep it healthy, leaving time at the end of for any question you may have to improve your digestive system.

Wednesday, 07th April from 11:30 to 12:30
Duration: 60 minutes

Gym Members: Free of charge
Resort Members: Free of charge
Public: €5,00

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