Joe Cross, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Instagram Live with Andrew Finlay, Wild View Retreat November 2022

On retreat, last October all the guests were settling down to watch the legendary 2012 ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead ’, a documentary by Joe Cross that has become a kind of ‘right passage’  for any newcomers to fasting on the first night of the juice retreats. Suddenly one of the guests shouts, ‘Ah good old Joe, we go back a long way!’.

Turns out Rod visiting Europe from Australia, not only happens to know Joe from years back, but also had his contact details on his phone! The next morning he’s FaceTiming him telling him all about this guy in the UK who went on a juice retreat ten years ago and tried out fasting for the first time and became so inspired by the documentary and fasting process, he quit his job, changed career and requalified as a nutritional therapist 4 years later and then went on to build a retreat where others could experience the same.

I was over the moon to meet my idol, my inspiration. And then when he invited me to do an Instagram Live on his page with over 160,000 followers to talk about it all, it was simply the icing on the cake to amazing roller coaster journey that has been Wild View Retreat. You can see the interview here from November last year. You can also learn more from Joe by following his amazing website RebootwithJoe