Introducing Irene Doyle, Dip CNM, AFMCP, mNTOI

We are delighted to welcome Irene to the new 2020 WVR Team. Irene is a fun-loving wonderful Nutritional Therapist from Dublin, Ireland. Having difficulties conceiving in her 30s, Irene left a successful career in development economics in 2005 to study nutrition and kick start and strengthen her fertility. After three years of study and the birth of her two gorgeous and healthy children she set up Ladybird Nutrition in Dublin, a busy Nutritional Therapy practice specialising in women and children’s health. A committed foodie she is passionate about helping people fall in love with taking care of themselves and maximizing the enjoyment of their life.

Irene was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, as we wanted to ensure we told you a little more about her. 

Where are you from  

I am from Kilkenny in Ireland but live in Dublin as was captured by a Dublin man ;-).

How did you get into nutrition?

I originally studied Communications and has a Masters in Business Studies but took a different path and studied Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine when I was having fertility issues. I realised the conventional approach was not going to help me and I was the only person who was going to find the solution to.  I have been practising as a Nutritionist since 2010.

Have you travelled in recent years?

I travelled a huge amount all over the world when I worked in development economics but in recent years I spend a lot of time in Spain as I love the language, weather, culture and way of life, but I also absolutely love Arab countries like Oman and Morocco which are such a feast for the senses.

How do you maintain the level of expertise you have and why do you think that is important?

I am always doing courses, reading books and doing webinars!  I think it’s important to offer the very best up to date research to the people I’m working with but I also absolutely love learning and am fascinated by what the human body can do.

What is your greatest achievement?

My two daughters.  I was told I would never have children and without advocating for myself every step of the way, I know they wouldn’t be here.  I am hugely thankful to the universe every day for them.  As well as my greatest achievement they are my greatest blessing.

What do you most look enjoy about working with others ?

I love bringing people to the realisation that self-care is vital and that we are all in control of our wellbeing.

What did you want to be when you were at school?

A writer.

Your earliest memory:

Being in my cot watching the breeze blowing my curtains.

Your most treasured possession:

My fountain pen, it’s Japanese with a perfect nib and gives me pleasure every time I write with it.

If you were going to wild camp for a period of time, which 3 items would you take with you and why:

A really good book as I love reading more than anything!; a nice sheet and blanket as sleep is so important and a hat to protect me from the sun.

What are you most looking forward to in your time at Wild View Retreat

The peace the tranquillity, the amazing walks!