FIGHTING COVID – A Nutritional Therapists’ Experience

Erika and I were reunited over Xmas but came down with COIVD in the London hotspot during our one and only trip outside to a supermarket on Xmas Eve. We had been very strict which goes to show just how contagious this new variant is. It was a scary experience, particularly for Erika who is only just recovering now several weeks later. I faired a lot better, the exact reasons why we will never truly know as it affects us all in different ways. But we are now learning a lot about strategies now known to reduce the impact of the disease. In this video I share some tips to boost immunity that will help in giving you a head start in limiting the impact of the disease. Please share if you think this will help others. Stay safe everyone – 10 TOP TIPS BELOW VIDEO

  1. Limit Exposure – stay home and use masks, gloves and hand sanitiser when you need to go out
  2. Protein – Strengthen immunity by creating more immunoglobulins and antibodies by eating adequate healthy protein daily: organic raw nuts, seeds, chicken, fish, turkey, non GMO tofu
  3. Gut Diversity – build an army of healthy bacteria by maximising the fibre intact on which it needs to feed: organic oats, nuts, seeds, green veg, fruits in a smoothie every day (forgot to mention this in the video when talking about smoothies but my gut diversity (stool test result) is very high resulting in a much stronger immune system.
  4. Hydration – drink 2 litres of clean water daily and plenty of herbal non caffeinated teas.
  5. Multivitamin one a day – I use Life Extension – overall bullet proof health
  6. Vitamin C – between 2 and 10grams a day, I use Now Foods – antioxidant obtained only from food
  7. Zinc citrate or picinolate – between 20-50mg a day, I use Now Foods or Cytoplan, to boost immune system
  8. D3 – between 3-4000 IU a day preferably combined with K2, I use Better You, for robust immune system and reducing upper respiratory tract infection
  9. N-Acetyl Cysteine – 600mg a day for boosting glutathione levels your master antioxidant to fight off viruses, I use Life Extension, and work as an expectorant that liquidify mucus.
  10. Herbs – Ginger, Lemon, Echinacea, Oregano, Manuka honey, propolis, bee pollen, turmeric as much as possible.