Essential No Nonsense Basics on Supplements

Confused by which supplements to take and how much?

Wanting to understand the essentials on supplementing for optimal health?

None of us are taught the basics of essential nutrition at school and the functions nutrients perform in the body. A lack of adequate nutrition leads to low energy, brain fog, fatigue, inflammation, compromised immunity and utlimately long term chronic disease. Make yourself as bullet proof as possible with undersanding the basics diet and supplement protocols to optimise your wellness regime.

In this video I explain the basic no nonsense guide to:

– Why we should all supplement from at least middle age onwards?

– Where to buy your supplements and why?

– What brands to go for, e.g @biocareltd @terranovahealth @lifeextension @wildnutritionltd @pureencapsulations @nutriadvancedltd @wileysfinestuk @betteryou_ltd @nowfoodsofficial @gandgvits @jarrowformulas (browse and get to know them in independant local health stores)

– What are the KEY maintenance dose daily supplements you should be taking for preventative health care and why?

– Dosages and quantity?

* High qualitiy Multi vitamin and mineral

* Vitamin C

* Magnesium

* Vitamin D3 (plus k2)

* Omega 3

Hope you find it helpful!

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist, registered with the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and head up the Nutrition and Wellness Programme #wildviewretreat I am one of the lead practitioners for the genetics and nutrigenomics company LifecodeGX am not affiliated with any supplement company and all my views and advice is independent of any third party.